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  1. Sticky: Neram Nalla Neram (ECHO) [1984-EPRip-WAV] [16Bit/44.1kHz]

  2. Kannamoochi (EMI) [1978-EPRip-WAV] [16Bit/44.1kHz]

  3. Sticky: Ketti Melam (ECHO) [1985-EPRip-WAV] [16Bit/44.1kHz]

  4. Athaiya Maamiyaa (EMI) [1974-EPRip-WAV] [16Bit/44.1kHz]

  5. Sticky: Mangala Vathiyam (EMI) [1979-EPRip-WAV] [16Bit/44.1khz]

  6. Sticky: 99 Songs [24Bit/96kHz] (Sony Music) [2020-DIGITALRip-WAV]

  7. Sticky: Naan Paadam Paadal (ECHO) [1984-LPRip-WAV] [24Bit/192kHz]

  8. Sticky: Naan Paadam Paadal (ECHO) [1984-LPRip-WAV] [16Bit/44.1kHz]

  9. Sticky: Nandu (EMI) [1980-EPRip-WAV] [16Bit/44.1kHz]

  10. Sticky: Pollathavan (EMI) [1980-EPRip-WAV] [16Bit/44.1kHz]

  11. Sticky: Mazhalai Pattaalam (EMI) [1980-EPRip-WAV] [16Bit/44.1kHz]

  12. Pakkathu Veettu Roja (AVM Audio) [1982-EPRip-WAV]

  13. Guilty [24Bit/48kHz] (Sony Music) [2020-DIGITALRip-WAV]

  14. Sufna [Punjabi] [24Bit HD] (Junglee Music) [2020-DIGITALRip-WAV]

  15. Sticky: Yugadharmam (ECHO) [1983-EPRip-WAV] [16Bit/44.1kHz]

  16. College Kumar [Telugu] [24Bit/48kHz] (Sony Music) [2020-DIGITALRip-WAV]

  17. Krishna Manohar IPS [24Bit/48kHz] (Sony Music) [2020-DIGITALRip-WAV]

  18. Hit [Telugu] [24Bit/48kHz] (Sony Music) [2020-DIGITALRip-WAV]

  19. Sticky: Thangamana Raasa (ECHO) [1989-LPRip-WAV] [16Bit/44.1kHz]

  20. Vidinja Kalyanam (ECHO) [1986-EPRip-WAV] [16Bit/44.1kHz]

  21. Poi Mugangal (EMI) [1984-EPRip-WAV] [16Bit/44.1Khz]

  22. Sticky: Dilwale [24Bit/96kHz] (Sony Music) [2015-DIGITALRip-WAV]

  23. Love Aaj Kal [24Bit/96kHz] (Sony Music) [2020-DIGITALRip-WAV]

  24. Sticky: Non-Stop Tamil Remix [24Bit-96kHz] (Sony Music) [2015-DIGITALRip-WAV]

  25. Sticky: A Death in the Gunj [24Bit/48kHz] (Sony Music) [2018-DIGITALRip-WAV]

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