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    Summer Vibes- Melody (Sony Music) [2018-Tamil-M4A]

    Summer Vibes: Melody (Sony Music) [2018-Tamil-M4A]

    -| Album INFO |-

    Album - Summer Vibes: Melody
    Cast - Various
    Music - Various
    Copyright - (P) 2018 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.
    Language - Tamil
    Encoder Used - M4A
    Ripper - Shammu
    Tracks - 14
    Ripper Notes: NJoY...

    -| Track LIST |-

    1 - Nenjil Mamazhai (From "Nimir") - B. Ajaneesh Loknath, Haricharan & Shweta Mohan
    2 - Kadhalaada (From "Vivegam") - Anirudh Ravichander, Pradeep Kumar & Shashaa Tirupati
    3 - Aye Sinamika (From "O Kadhal Kanmani") (feat. Karthik) - A.R. Rahman
    4 - Innum Konjam Naeram (From "Maryan") (feat. Vijay Prakash & Shweta Mohan) - A.R. Rahman
    5 - Nee Paartha Vizhigal (From "3") (The Touch of Love) (feat. Vijay Yesudas & Shweta Mohan) - Anirudh Ravichander
    6 - Idhayam (From "Billa 2") (feat. Yuvanshankar Raja) - Shweta Pandit
    7 - Naane Varugiraen (From "O Kadhal Kanmani") (feat. Shashaa Tirupati & Sathya Prakash) - A.R. Rahman
    8 - Aanandha Yaazhai (From "Thangameenkal") (feat. Sriram Parthasarathy) - Yuvanshankar Raja
    9 - Ailasa Ailasa (From "Vanakkam Chennai") (feat. Suchitra) - Anirudh Ravichander
    10 - Unakkenna Venum Sollu (From "Yennai Arindhaal") (feat. Benny Dayal & Mahathi) - Harris Jayaraj
    11 - Kannala Kannala (From "Thani Oruvan") (The Melting Point of Love) - Hiphop Tamizha, Kaushik Krish & Padmalatha
    12 - Koodamela Koodavechi (From "Rummy") (feat. V.V. Prassanna & Vandana Srinivasan) - D. Imman
    13 - Ei Suzhali (From "Kodi") - Santhosh Narayanan & Vijaynarain
    14 - Poovukku (From "Nimir") - Darbuka Siva & Shweta Mohan

    -| SPEK |-

    -| Download LINK |-
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    Re: Summer Vibes- Melody (Sony Music) [2018-Tamil-M4A]

    Album INFO |-

    Album - Summer Vibes: Melody

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