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    Bow Bow (Saregama) [2019-DIGITALRip-FLAC]

    Bow Bow (Saregama) [2019-DIGITALRip-FLAC]

    -| Album INFO |-

    Album - Bow Bow
    Cast - Master Aahaan, V. Shiva, Tejaswy
    Music - Marc D Muse, Denis Vallaban. A
    Copyright - (P) 2019 Saregama
    Language - Tamil
    Encoder Used - FLAC - | Stereo | 1411 Kbps | 44.1khZ | 16 bits
    Ripper - Shammu
    Tracks - 05
    Ripper Notes: NJoY...

    -| Track LIST |-

    1 - Naalai Namathada - Rahul Nambiar
    2 - Munnale - Jeffrey George Biju
    3 - Hey Kuchi Rakkamma - Haricharan, Jeffrey George Biju
    4 - Inky Pinky - Shiva, Denis Vallaban. A, Linda, Danica, Asaph, Yogesh
    5 - Oodu Oodu - Madhu Balakrishnan

    -| SPEK |-

    -| Download LINK |-
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