Don't share contents with anyone/any sites individually !

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Don't share contents with anyone/any sites individually !

Postby FilmBox » Thu Jul 14, 2016 8:46 pm

Dear Friends

Hope you are enjoying the contents shared over by here
We are doing hard work to get these for you. Hope you all understand this and adhere to the polciies and rules implemented in Samperals. We have severely warning many users for sharing the contents posted here.
Here after Don't share contents with anyone/any sites individually. We will not tolerate any excuses. We are going to track down through IP and give a permanent ban as a gift. Rules are rules.

Now If you are donator and then you go ahead in share in other sites., also you will be banned without any warning excuses or chances. Your amount will not be refunded since you violated the rules

Hope you understand our situation and support us !

Regard Samperals Team !
Please DON'T SHARE this to other websites/forums as i am trying to make this release as an EXCLUSIVE to our community. If this is released or shared to other websites/forums, we will BAN those who share them !


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